A Quick Look at the New Corolla 2013

June 26, 2012


In many regions of the world, the letter “C” is as much for “Corolla” as it is actually used for the “Car”. The well-known Japanese auto legend, Toyota Motors is coming out with a latest considerable update for its popular luxury sedan for the upcoming 2013 model.

Recently, the first images of the redesigned 2013 model have been disclosed across several websites over the internet. Let’s try to discover what’s new in the 2013 edition as compared to the previous versions.

Basic Interior and Exterior Design Cues

2013 corolla

Even though, it looks extremely graceful from the vehicle design standpoint, the present has certainly aged, and it requires a substantial overhaul for the 2013 model year. Internally, codenamed as A140, the new 2013 Corolla images that are leaked over the internet, clearly showcases the latest designing and styling updates that the company has achieved with the latest model as compared to the earlier versions.

The basic design of the headlights looks much identical to the Asian edition of the latest Camry. It features a deep front grille design, sportier line, modified tail-lights, sleeker and slender headlights, and a central intake, along with fog-lights suggestive of the present Prius C.

A long windscreen, adding to a longer and new rationalized shape than the present model is yet another noticeable feature added in the latest Corolla. Interior cabin has been largely renovated with topnotch materials including circular and endless top-level air-vents. Splatters of silver could be noticed on the vehicle’s door trims alongside steering wheel, stereo surrounds, and gear selector.

2013 corolla

Engine Specifications

Under the bonnet, the latest 2013 Corolla is more likely to be propelled by a standard 1.5-liter and 1.8-liter 4-cylinder petrol power-trains. Even though the details of new diesel engine options have not yet been disclosed from the company, we could expect a version of 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter diesel power-train choices, which will be sourced by BMW.

2013 corolla

2013 Corolla Dashboard

2013 corolla

2013 Corolla

2013 corolla

2013 Corolla Interior

2013 corolla

2013 corolla 2013 corolla
2013 Corolla 2013 Corolla 2013 Corolla Side View


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